Vas Aero was incorporated in 1st June 2001 upon taking over the business operation of Valencia Aviation Services (a partnership enterprise). Vas Aviation Services incorporation into Vas Aero Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was deemed necessary as advised by Ministry of Defense.

Vas Aero was earlier established to provide the Royal Malaysian Air Force a high quality, traceable aftermarket aircraft parts at reasonable cost. As Vas Aero develops its marketing and strategic agreement with aircrafts and parts manufacturers in Europe and USA, we managed to expand our market to the civilian aviation industry and other Air Force units in South East Asian countries.

As part of Vas Aero development as a reliable source of aviation equipments and parts, and a service organization, it has expanded into supplying of spare parts, components and equipments for the Royal Malaysian Navy and the local train operators; KTMB, Putra and Star. To enhance its support services, workshops for repair and refurbishment of electrical and electronic equipments, and electric motor was established.

Vas Aero is a part of a family of a holding company, Namida Holdings Sdn. Bhd.. Namida Holdings has two other subsidiary companies: (a) Hexmann Logistics (M) Sdn. Bhd., a complete logistics provider and (b) P.T. Namida Utama, an Indonesian registered company with business interest in general trading. The sharing of knowledge and expertise through the unification of business operation and human resources under the umbrella of Namida Holdings created a synergistic effect of enhancing management and operation efficiency and reinforcing cost competitiveness. The establishment of cost competitiveness makes it possible for all companies under Namida Holdings to provide their customers with reliable service of higher quality.

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